99 Modern Bird Feeder / Lemongrass

$ 95.00

Pronounced "nine-nine", the name of this new bird feeder design came initially from their dimensions, 9" X 9". It was also the name of one of my favorite record stores in NYC, back in the 80's.

The design of these bird feeders is based on the larger 'Charm' series. The square frame is hand cut and welded from 16g hot rolled steel. A "hammock" made from welded stainless steel screen and stainless steel rods rests inside the frame and holds seeds. The screen allows for water to drain through, and the entire inside section can easily be removed for cleaning.

For a few years now I've been accumulating and saving smaller lengths of stainless steel screen that are inevitably leftover from the Charm bird feeders. Since I'd been meaning to work on some slightly less expensive bird feeders, I thought I'd start by trying to put those extra pieces to use.

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