Build Series Modern Bird Feeder No. 31 in welded steel with Rustoleum Copper spray enamel finish

$ 350.00

This modern bird feeder is made from welded steel which has been finished with a Metallic Copper Rustoleum spray enamel.

Whenever I'm working I invariably produce small cut-off pieces of steel in different sizes. These "Build" series bird feeders represent my attempt at incorporating those various cut-off sections into a completely new series of works.

As photographed, these pieces all measure just under 7' tall. Designed to literally be 'planted' into the soil, they will ultimately stand about 6' 5", although their eventual height can be easily adjusted downward simply by planting them a little deeper.

The top feeder section measures 8"X8" and features an expanded steel roof as well as an aluminum screen to hold bird seed, allowing any water to quickly drain through.

I thought the roof would look interesting in the light blue Aqua Rustoleum finish... but I can easily finish the roof in any color you'd like.
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