Abstract Modern Bird Feeder in Lemongrass - Welded Steel and aluminum - "Birdle" series #4 - Freestanding unique modern garden art

$ 315.00

This new design measures about 8” X 8” X 26” and the seed tray inside is 6" x 6". It was built using the smallest of the cut-off steel pieces inevitably left over from various other work. I wanted to figure out a process for using these that I could repeat on a regular basis. Laying flat the various sized squares and rectangles for each of the sides before welding them reminded me of a crossword puzzle... thus the name "Birdle".

The upright support is welded to an "I-beam" shaped base which has been uniquely designed to allow the piece to stand securely upright when "planted" into the ground approximately 8 -10 inches deep.

The 'feeder' portion consists of a perforated aluminum steel screen designed to hold bird seed a safe distance off the ground. Shielded to a degree from rain, wind, and sun - the screen allows for rapid drainage of any water, and will never rust through.

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