Bird feeder Steel & Copper Bird Feeder No. 355 - Freestanding unique modern birdfeeder

$ 275.00

Summer Sale Price!

This hand crafted, welded Steel & Copper Bird feeder stands approximately 6' tall. The upright support is welded to an "I-beam" shaped base which has been uniquely designed to allow the birdfeeder to stand securely upright when "planted" into the ground approximately 8 -10 inches deep. The top feeder section measures about 22" wide and the seed tray is 15" X 6".

Although I've made close to a dozen of this particular variation, over the last few years, this design is still a fairly rare occurrence. The random squares of steel and copper that decorate the surfaces are generally something that I prefer to accumulate as cut offs from other work. I usually decide to make one of these pieces only after accumulating enough smaller pieces of steel and copper to complete a large design.
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