Drop - Modern Bird feeder in Yellow

$ 75.00

All of my freestanding sculptural OOAK pieces are available via my website: www.joepapendick.com

The design for these 'Drop' bird feeders is something I've wanted to realize for a long time. My goal was to design something that was simpler to make yet still interesting looking, so that I could offer it at a lower price. These welded steel feeders are made entirely by hand. They are 12" in height, 6" wide. and 4" deep.

The stainless steel screen, which holds the seed, is welded to two stainless steel rods. These rods fit into grooves at the corners of the piece. The rods hold the seed screen in place much like a hammock, and also serve as perches for birds. The entire screen and rod section is removable for cleaning.

The steel is treated with primer before being sprayed with Rustoleum enamel. They can be finished in a variety of colors if you are interested. Just Google 'Rustoleum spray enamel' for color chart and simply indicate the different color preference when ordering.

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