Pagoda Bird Feeder - Asian style modern Birdfeeder - Large freestanding sculptural bird feeder

$ 475.00

Hand cut, hand welded, and handmade in it’s entirety, from cold rolled steel and perforated aluminum sheet, this modern birdfeeder will stand approximately 5 1/2 feet tall, once the base is ‘planted' into the ground. This new design features twin ‘feeder’ sections which rise up from a common base. Four separate half inch thick steel rods support two separately connected seed trays, along with their roofs.These twin seed trays are designed to sway independently of each other.
By request, I’m essentially revisiting a design I first made several years ago, with the goal of being able to offer this new piece on a continuing basis. In order to do that I had to make some minor changes to the basic design that I’ve used for most of the large freestanding bird feeders. For this piece I decided to enlarge the base to 8” square, while at the same time lowering the height of the base, from 6” to 3”. I wanted a wider base in order to compensate for the natural ‘movement’ of the piece, while at the same time not compromising the height. This entire feeder is welded in one piece, yet still ships economically in a single large box.
The final dimensions for the seed trays come out to 12” X 6”. These trays were made using 1” square steel tube, so the inside dimensions are slightly smaller. A sheet of perforated aluminum screen sits inside each seed tray, allowing any water to immediately drain through. Each of the roofs measure a slightly larger 12” X 7”.
As with all of the large freestanding bird feeders I make, the base is designed to be ‘planted’ into the soil. Since I felt that these feeders should ideally be ‘planted’ just a bit deeper, I decided to increase the width of the base, while slightly lowering the height, in order to allow for the overall change. 
Hopefully all the other aspects of this new design are essentially self explanatory… but please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.
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