Sunscreen Bird Feeder / Ruby Red

$ 130.00

These Sunscreen bird feeders are designed specifically to hold sunflower seeds, which birds can access through the holes in steel screens on each side. The screens are designed to rest between 3 steel rods running through each side of the piece. The screens sit on top of the middle rod, and below the other two, thus holding them in place.

The steel rods serve a dual purpose since they also function as perches for birds. The Sunscreen bird feeders are all individually hand welded from steel and stainless steel and measure 12" X 22". The rods all vary slightly in size and placement, so no two pieces will ever be identical. Filling the piece with sunflower seeds involves simply laying it flat, removing one or more of the rods on one side, lifting up the screen, adding seeds, and then lowering the screen and fitting in the rods again. Each piece is treated with primer, before being finished with spray enamel.
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