Tripod Garden Globe Bird Feeder

$ 415.00

I recently had a request to replace the standard single pole upright support on a globe shaped bird feeder with a large steel tripod instead. Since it worked out well I decided to offer the design on a regular basis. I’ll be listing this particular piece consistently, while also making the tripod support available as a separate alternative option for any of the other large feeders which it will work with, or on it’s own, for any use in the garden.

The globe shaped feeder varies slightly, as each is a unique hand made piece, measuring 16” in diameter. The seed tray inside is a large 10” X 10”. The tripod support is made from 1” X 3" heavy duty steel legs, each measuring 5’ tall. Stainless steel rods anchor each leg of the tripod into the ground, as well as hinge each leg at the top, where a short 1/2” threaded pipe anchors the feeder. As pictured the entire design stands just over 6’ tall.
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