Welded Steel and Copper Bird feeder No. 374 - Freestanding artistic modern garden art

$ 525.00

This hand crafted, welded Steel & Copper Bird feeder stands approximately 6' tall. The upright support is welded to an "I-beam" shaped base which has been uniquely designed to allow the piece to stand securely upright when "planted" into the ground approximately 8 -10 inches deep.

The 'feeder' portion consists of two welded stainless steel screens designed to hold bird seed a safe distance off the ground. Shielded to a degree from rain, wind, and sun - the stainless steel screen allows for rapid drainage of any water, and will never rust through.

Once 'planted' into the soil, the design allows for the roots of surface vegetation to reach through and firmly anchor the piece into the ground.

Although I've made close to a dozen of this particular variation, over the last few years, this design is still a fairly rare occurrence. The random squares of steel and copper that decorate the surfaces are generally something that I prefer to accumulate as cut offs from other work. I usually decide to make one of these pieces only after accumulating enough smaller pieces of steel and copper to complete a large design.
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