Twist Series welded steel Bird Feeder - White enamel finish with turquoise patina copper roof

$ 400.00

This new series of freestanding bird feeders features a minimalist design with many finish options. 

The 9” square base at the bottom is designed to be “planted” into the soil, anchoring the entire piece firmly in the ground. Once installed it should stand just over 6 feet tall.

The upright section consists of four 1/2” steel rods, each 70” tall, which rise up and gently twist to meet a simple 9” square feeder tray. The inside liner is perforated aluminum, allowing for quick drainage of any rain water. It is removable for easy cleaning.

The roof section is flexible 22 gauge copper which has been finished with turquoise patina. It flexes into place and is held in by the tension.

This piece can be finished in a variety of color combinations. Both the roof and the body are available in any color you see across all the work in my shop. These can simply be specified with a note at checkout.

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